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Intensive tango weekend               

Olga Williams & Sergiy Podbolotniy

November 22-24, 2019 (Fri 18-21, Sat 18-21, Sun 12-15)

Day 1. WALTZ: sequences based on the use of elastics, and changes of levels in the dance


Day 2. Sequences in REDUCED SPACE. How to take advantage of any space on the dance floor.


Day 3. SACADAS+ BARRIDAS in linear and circular combinations controlling the reduced space on the dance floor.



Nordnes Bydelshus

Friday 22 November 18:00-21:00  

Saturday 23 Nove,ber 18:00-21:00  

Sunday 24 November 12:00 - 15:00




1100,- per person

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1800,-  per couple

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Sergiy Podbolotnyy started dancing in 2006 and since then he never stops learning, first as a dancer and then as a teacher. In 2010 he moved to Shanghai and dedicated 8 years to creating and developing one of the biggest tango schools in China - TangoGo. He has been teaching, performing and dancing in Australia, China, Korea, Singapore and all over Europe. He also won Tango Salon Championship in China in 2015. Together with his partners he organized Shanghai International Tango Marathon, one of the most known tango events in Asia. In his teaching he put priority on body techniques , since he believe that its impossible to build good connection in a couple without strong personal technique. Sergiy tries to make his lessons fun and simple in order to be able to look at tango as a simple dance.

Olga have danced tango for over 13 years and  has teached in the local tango community in Bergen for 6 years. She has a background in folk dance from her childhood together with a musical school in Russia. She has done 2 years of ballet in my youth. She discovered tango for herself in 2005 when she walked into her first tango lesson with Pasi and Maria Lauren. Recently the most influence on her dance and teaching apporach was made by, among others, Pablo Inza, Noelia Hurtado and Carlitos Espinoza, Maja Petrovic and Marko Miljevic.


her teaching methods are based on understanding how the body and muscles work in the dance to create grounded movements that also look beautiful. When she dances she search for ways of expressing myself, the music and the moment she is in. She is fond of close embrace and believes that the embrace and presence in the dance from both the leader as well as the follower is the fundamentals of tango.

November 25-26, 2019 STAVANGER

DAY 1. 

Different structures for turns, technique and variations with giros

DAY 2. 

Syncopas: boosting your musical creativity






950,- per person

​Early bird discount until July 25 for registration in COUPLES
1600,-  per couple

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Nordnes Bydelshus 

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