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TANGOINTENSO is a tango school in Bergen. It is all about providing you with a solid technical basis to  improve your tango skills in a short time. During intensive sessions and many hours of training you will have a proper tango-workout. To achieve even better results we encourage you to practice between the weekend sessions on your own or with a partner. 

While social tango is an improvised dance, the lessons are most certainly not. Each workshop will have a defined structure which will allow step by step master the suggested topic. We will focus on the technical execution of the movement, leading and following skills and musicality. This approach will allow dancers of all levels to participate and continue working on the elements at their own degree of difficulty. We will also suggest variations of the same element for different dancing levels to keep you challenged. The workshops are suitable for any level.

The person behind the project is OLGA S. WILLIAMS. She has danced tango for over 13 years and  has teached in the local tango clubs in Bergen. She has a background in ballet and folk dance from her childhood together with a musical school in Russia. She discovered tango for herself in 2005 when she walked into her first tango lesson with Pasi and Maria Lauren. Recently the most influence on her dance and teaching apporach was made by, among others, Pablo Inza, Ruben and Sabrina Velis, Gaston Torelli and Moira Castellano, Noelia Hurtado and Carlitos Espinoza, Maja Petrovic and Marko Miljevic.

Her teaching methods are based on understanding how the body and muscles work in the dance to create grounded movements that also look beautiful. When she dances she searches for ways of expressing herself, the music and the moment she is in. She is fond of the close embrace and believes that the embrace and presence in the dance from both the leader as well as the follower is the fundamentals of tango.

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I have danced tango for over 13 years by now and have been teaching in the local tango community (Tango Abrazo and Fantango) since 2013, and also in my own school TangoIntenso since 2016. I have a background in folk dance from my childhood together with a musical school in Russia. I have done 2 years of ballet in my youth. And I also have a Master in pedagogic. I started tango when I studied in Tromsø and my boyfriend took me to my first tango lesson with Pasi and Maria Lauren. Since then I studied from various maestros, also in Buenos Aires, but mostly in Europe. The most influence on my dance and teaching approach was made by, among others, Pablo Inza, Ruben and Sabrina Velis, Gaston Torelli and Moira Castellano, Noelia Hurtado and Carlitos Espinoza, Maja Petrovic and Marko Miljevic.

My teaching methods are based on understanding how the body and muscles work in the dance to create grounded movements that also look beautiful. During my classes I pay a lot of attention to the density of the movements, spirals and elasticity of embrace. When I dance I search for ways of expressing myself, the music and the moment I am in. I am fond of close embrace and believe that the embrace and presence in the dance from both the leader as well as the follower is the fundamentals of tango.


Sergiy Podbolotnyy started dancing in 2006 and since then he never stops learning, first as a dancer and then as a teacher. In 2010 he moved to Shanghai and dedicated 8 years to creating and developing one of the biggest tango schools in China - TangoGo. He has been teaching, performing and dancing in Australia, China, Korea, Singapore and all over Europe. He also won Tango Salon Championship in China in 2015. Together with his partners he organized Shanghai International Tango Marathon, one of the most known tango events in Asia.


In his teaching he put priority on body techniques , since he believe that its impossible to build good connection in a couple without strong personal technique. Sergiy tries to make his lessons fun and simple in order to be able to look at tango as a simple dance.



Eirik started with tango in 2010 after his close friend ensured that Eirik’s love for Tai Chi would bring him quickly into the wonderful world of tango. Since then Eirik has looked for inspiration both on and off the dance-floor. Outside of the tango classes Eirik has found that Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, Qigong and Mindfulness are of a great help to a better body-awareness and understanding of movements.

Eirik has found great inspiration from, among others, Pasi and Maria Lauren, Michelle Marsidi and Joachim Dietiker, Pablo Inza, Ruben and Sabrina Velis.

Eirik has been teaching tango since 2014. In both his dancing and teaching he  emphasizes the quality of movement and how it relates and changes with 
the music. Basic technique, where he includes principles from Alexander Technique and Tai Chi, is important for the dancers to be able to create a platform for connection - to themselves, the partner, the room and the music.


I took my first tango classes 16 years ago when I tried to impress a girl. We even gave a public performance and I am very happy that YouTube did not exist yet so no one will ever have a chance to see it ;) Finally it did not work out with the girl and I gave tango a break. I came back 11 years ago trying to combine tango with rock and mountain climbing that I had been doing for many years. I realised quickly that if I want to do any of these two good, I just need to give another one up. So I chose tango and completely deep dived into it. Visits in Buenos Aires, countless classes and workshops with best local and Argentinian teachers, two years of Contact Improvisation, body awareness workshops - all this shaped me as a dancer and teacher. I was lucky to work with many maestros, from Nuevo guru like Dana Frigoli to Tango Salon icons like Javier Rodriguez, but those who made the biggest impact on me and my dance are Sebastian Achaval & Roxana Suarez, Juan Martín Carrara & Stefanía Colina, Fernando Galera & Vilma Vega. I started to teach 6 years ago. Together with my wife and tango partner Magda Skawińska we have a tango school 'El Abrazo' in Warsaw. 

In my opinion, how we dance is much more important than what we dance. And this is the idea that I have in mind when I teach. This "how" consists of two basic elements: technique and musicality. Technique which is the indispensable tool for a beautiful and comfortable dance. And musicality, because there is no dance without music, it is the reason we dance and the base we build our dance on. That is why during my classes I emphasize the quality of the individual elements, explaining technical details, showing how to dance them to the music and what to do to make the dance a pleasant experience for both partners.


I landed in the Tango world almost 6 years ago, after dancing several years in ballroom and Latin competitions. At that time, I was tired of dancing the same choreographies, using the same rhythms and the same songs over and over again, so I fell in love with tango instantly and abandoned everything else for it. From the beginning, I was fortunate to have classes with extraordinary teachers from the local tango community, and soon after with many top Argentinian maestros in Romania and Buenos Aires. In 2012 I started tango DJing and  since 2013 I have been teaching tango at “Casa de Tango” in Bucharest.


Both in Argentina or in Europe I have worked with many maestros from different tango styles or with various approaches to tango dancing and music. Therefore, my dance and my teaching background were shaped under these influences. The most notable influence in my current phase has been made by Sebastian Achaval & Roxana Suarez, Horacio Godoy, Andres Molina, Dante Sanchez, Carlitos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado. As a dancer and teacher, I focus on several things that I consider essential to continue to evolve and improve: music knowledge, connection with the partner, navigation skills and body awareness, control and technique. I’m also constantly following social dancing principles like showing respect to fellow dancers or occupying the minimal space in the ronda. When dancing, I strive to express the flow of the music and produce an enriching experience for the both of us.

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